Sidabro auskarai Vėjas



Silver earrings Wind – an alloy of simplicity and complexity, as their unusual texture is created by hand, twisting thin silver threads together.  Their beautiful proportions allow them to be worn every day, and their elegant form makes them noticeable.

The wind is a wonderful symbol – full of force and freshness, marking the change.  It carries boats across oceans, clouds across skies, it swirls autumn leaves in a dance, and caresses summer meadows!  It is the opposite of boredom.  Let the favorable wind of dreams carry us through life!

These earrings will fit elegant soiree as well as the summer holiday.  They will adapt themselves to the demanding business style, as well as a silk gown.

Silver (925). Diameter: L – 33-36mm, S – 12-13mm. Handcrafted.

Production could take up to two weeks if earrings are not available in the store, and it is worth waiting.


Silver earrings Wind:  noble, elegant, and resistant to fashion and style changes.