Vėrinys Puokštė

Silver Letter with Carbine Clasp


  • Silver Letter with carbine clasp is created for everyday: cozy & sleek forms. A subtle design – will suit a woman, man or even child.
  • Handmade, thus each letter will slightly differ, and that gives them their beauty.
  • Measurements: ~ 20 mm.
  • Silver Letter embellished with solid, contrasting rose 14K gold bubbles.
  • This letter can be worn on a bracelet, it also goes wonderfully on a gold or silver chain, silk cord or our original colored necklaces and the YURGA necklace “Bouquet”.

Each order is individually handmade. If we were to not have this letter in our store, its production time would be around three weeks.



Here’s the entire alphabet, where you can find your beloved one’s, family’s or friend’s initials.

Letters are the most peculiar symbols, and initials – always beside us through life, thus is why the letters are well suited for both everyday or celebrations, are of a fun “character”, however they are of solid handcrafting. They’re created from noble metals, subtle forms, accentuating the handmade technique, and yet also cheekily shine with their little “shoes”. The letters remain serious and temperate, but also embody some of YURGA’s casual fun, which always contrasts with the luxurious materials, giving the piece traits of art, and not just a product.

Each LETTER – differs, as do our names, they hide a variety of meanings and are a great, most personal symbol, which will always accompany us throughout life.