Sidabrinis Pakabukas Vyturėlis
Pakabukas Sidabrinis Vyturėlis
Auskarai Fly, Yurga Sidabro Auskarai



  • The silver pendant Skylark wakes up the spring and defeats all winter sadness.  It is small but free and happy!
  • Not only it is elegant and stylish, but it is also a meaningful gift – especially in the context of the beautiful and luxurious white packaging which was created, thought through, and folded by hand especially for this pendant.
  • Pendant transforms wonderfully and matches YURGA earrings Fly, all you have to do is choose the desired size and shape (earrings can be asymmetrical, they are sold by piece).
  • Polished silver (925).

A subtle and meaningful gift.

Production will take up to ten days if Skylark is not available in the store.


– a symbol of freedom and joy of life! Not a swan or an eagle, but a cheerful, small bird capable of awakening the widest fields, meadows, and forests for spring! Because happiness is powerful – it is needed very little, like a precious pure essence, to fill the whole environment and heart with faith, hope and love.

A delicate piece of polished silver and a meaningful gift.

Skylark can be worn with an organza ribbon or silver (gold) chain.  We can make a gold bird, of course, but we have to agree on a price prior to placing the order.