Žiedas Vinukas
Žiedas Vinukas



Small, cute, and meaningful ring reminding us that in history some things do not change their appearance and purpose over time.  They only acquire more purpose – just like this Nail – not just connect, fasten, and hold, but decorate!

  • Polished and lightly blackened, oxidized silver (925).
  • Dimensions: ring width is 1mm.
  • This ring can be matched with other similar Nails of other shapes: round, heart-shaped, square, or triangle.

Production will take up to two weeks if we do not have the ring your size in the store.

Ring Nail –  reminiscent of old handmade tools, instruments, and objects – tested by time, irregular, rough, meant to serve for ages and so important in everyday tasks that humans would have not become Homo Sapiens without them…  As time went by and tools changed, those items filled shiny museum shelves.  A lot of objects are forgotten today, they changed unrecognizably, or they are not used anymore and only serve as a proof of the evolution of humanity, its tools, and the history of the conquest of the planet.

Not nails though – they remained the same, “antique”, unchanged, primitive – they are so perfect, they cannot be improved, they are meant to be nailed to the wall, and used to hang the picture of the loved one…  They are meant to connect two things, two surfaces, to fasten and hold them together, and these ones are also meant to decorate.