Maži sidabro auskariukai Laurel
Maži sidabro auskariukai Laurel
Maži sidabro auskariukai Laurel

Small silver earrings Laurel


Small silver earrings Laurel – stylized laurel leave wreath.

Cozy, meant for everyday and very attractive. Handcrafted, thus every earring pair might slightly differ – this gives them their beauty! Embellished with a torch burned blackened silver surface, which strongly emphasizes the ornaments. Laurel can also be chosen with solid gold (14K) bubbles (The price differs).

Dimensions: width – about 15 mm.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.

Small silver earrings Laurel – a wreath of laurel leaves. Stylized, attractive, although retaining a meaningful signification of a laurel wreath: a champion’s sign – a long road to success.

It must be understood, that happiness resides not on the top of the mountain, but in the seeking of a goal – in the journey towards that mountain top. Not in the results, but in the process, not in achievements, but in people met throughout the way, in the happy moments, the beauty of everyday life and crowning of the ability to cherish it!