Vestuviniai žiedai Rojaus paukšteliai
Vestuviniai žiedai Rojaus paukšteliai

Wedding Rings Birds of Paradise


Wedding rings Birds of Paradise – because they are really, just like in paradise, happy together!

The color of the gold can be selected to make your own combination of shades (18K): rose, yellow or white – coated with rhodium. In the center of the woman’s ring – a diamond (0,01ct).

Handcrafted to make the rings’ insides slightly curved, therefore they wrap around the finger nicely.

Ring’s width – 7 mm.

Production time could take up to four weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in store at the moment.

White & Rose Gold 18KWhite & Rose Gold 18KWhite & Rose Gold 18KWhite & Yellow Gold 18KWhite & Yellow Gold 18KWhite & Yellow Gold 18K

Rings Birds of Paradise – birds are really happy, just like in paradise!  And this is because they are together – in dreams, in fantasies, in celebrations and daily routine…  They are inseparable and their love is meaningful because it makes life easier and happier for everyone around them – from the biggest tree to the smallest ant… The most splendid gardens, flowers and dreams are twirling around this ring.

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