Vestuviniai žiedai Runos
Vestuviniai žiedai Runos

Wedding rings Runes


Wedding rings Runes: a stylized design, classical and solid character. Testifying eternity.

Materials: Gold (18K). The gold’s color can be chosen.

This ring features a thick gold “plate”, thus it can be decorated with a gemstone of your choice: a diamond, sapphire or emerald… As the years go by, to commemorate important events.

Width – 6 mm.
Weights (inexact, due to the handcrafted nature of these rings): ± 8,72 g. to 10,11 g.

Production time could take up to five weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in store at the moment.

Wedding rings Runes: an unlikely allusion to the early Germanic writing symbols, which were utilized in Northern countries. The rings’ pattern is a stylized hint towards these runes. They have even Baltic origins – each separate symbol or number gets its own magical meaning.

The strict lines reflect its solidity, protection, a “stairway” to fortune. The ring itself is a symbol of eternity – without a set beginning or end. By touching the runes it spins, as a magical rosary.

The line length is significant, symbolic and can be selected.

A more stern and temperate character for these rings. These rings have a significant width. Meant for everyday, whilst remaining substantially solid.