Wedding Rings Wreaths


Wedding Rings Wreaths hold, protect and grow love like tree roots, like branches, like everlasting strong vines.

We offer a choice of white, rose or yellow gold (14K). Rings can be adorned with diamonds – with time, a woman’s ring (or both rings) can “blossom” with gems.

Rings are handcrafted, using authentic techniques, therefore each ring slightly differs, although remaining natural and “alive”, retaining their plant-like “real”, organic character.

Production time could take up to four weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in our store at the moment.

Silver 925 & Gold 14KSilver 925 & Gold 14KSilver 925 & Gold 14KWhite & Rose Gold 14KWhite & Rose Gold 14KWhite & Rose Gold 14K

Wedding Rings Wreaths are holding us in the strongest bond, tying and holding different threads of our shared experience in the tightest knot …  Just like the roots of a mature tree in the damp soil, like powerful living branches caressed by the sun, like vines twisted in the strong knot of life – the force of living is so powerful, full of joy, love and vitality, without the beginning or the end, in a state of perpetual growth and change – just like a ring!

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