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Bracelet Big Bird


Bracelet Big Bird: handcrafted from 18K gold, decorated with a diamond (0,01ct). It’s stringed on a strong silken strip, which’s length can be regulated, thus making it fit any wrist. Pendant measurements: length 5mm, width 12mm.

The birdie piece holds on tightly, yet it can be detached easily – it can be worn on a chain or our silk cord and make it a pendant; thus allowing you to string on various pendants. The cord’s and color can be selected, the gold’s and diamond’s colors can be changed as well.

Bracelet Big Bird is a subtle piece, exuding luxurious simplicity.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this bracelet is not available in store at the moment.


Bracelet Big Bird: luxury can be not only subtle but also playful!  The Bird’s eye is a diamond, so it could proudly watch this wonderful world and fly high into the bright sky full of dreams. It is a symbol of freedom, the joy of life and flight!


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