Brooch Star Collector


Brooch Star Collector is for birds who like to fly high!

Due to the handcrafted nature of this piece, each Moning Star differs slightly.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this brooch is not available in our store at the moment.

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Brooch Star Collector – this little bird is a true light collector – it loves picking sparkling stars from the velvet dome of the sky. Perhaps, this is why it can rise very high and shine as a beautiful star itself?

Its silver surface is uneven and when it flies by, the stars seem to stick to it, making an impression of being chaotically tangled in its feathers… Like in life – beauty is often deceptive – we cannot even imagine how hard little wings have to flap to reach shimmering stars, how much will, faith and desire can fit in a little heart… Life smiles at those who can smile themselves and who do not lose their sense of humor in their high flight.