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Earrings Birds with enamel


From the first glance they are simple and “quiet”, yet this simplicity is deceptive: created utilizing an antique „hot enamel“ technique makes them luxurious and elegant just like a „little black dress“.

Sterling silver and enamel. Dimensions: 8×8 mm.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.


Earrings Birds with enamel are simple, however, they are created using a luxurious, antique “hot enamel” (liquid glass) technique.

This technique was made particularly famous by Easter eggs created for the Russian tzars by the House of Fabergé (Gustav Fabergé). Their Easter collection (1885 – 1917), created for the Russian Imperial family and private collectors, featured stylized eggs decorated with enamel. Famous around the world, these eggs became a symbol of Russian luxury before the revolution.

When beauty is disguised in simplicity….


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