Earrings with Gemstones “Golden Pair”


  • Elegant, hanging and classic. Fun and stylish together.
  • Designed and made by hand.
  • Rose 18K gold.
  • “English”, comfortable clasps.
  • Precious stones: two aquamarines (3.85 ct), pink tourmalines (0.50ct), dark green, drop-shaped tourmalines (2.95ct), two diamonds in bird holes (C-VS2);

When the classics flirt, joke and have fun, turning into a cozy modernity.

If we were to not have the Piet Mondrian ring in our online store, it will take up to four weeks to produce, hallmark and certify it.

Earrings with Gemstone Golden Pair :

When the classics flirt, joke and have fun! When it turns into cozy modernity, staying to yourself and not breaking the desire for innovation. The earrings are created by composing subtle colors of gemstones – combining contrasting pink and green tourmalines with “cold” and light aquamarines. With small reflections gleaming in the eyes of the birds.

About luxury – a true friendship. The complementarity of each other, as is the case in a symmetrical and correct composition, is the same in life. About your life path and flight, when you can take everything seriously and with a smile. When classics, tradition and serenity serve creativity, tomorrow and bright faith.

YURGA DeLuxe collection.