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Gold Pendant Heart


This pendant is for a mother and daughter – while the little one is growing up the mother can enjoy a complete pendant. When the time comes to give a little piece of love to the bird leaving the nest, the mother detaches the center piece and gives the little heart pendant to her daughter.

Classic, one of the most meaningful creations by YURGA.

White gold (18K) inlaid with diamonds. We have created several unique individual variations of this composition. Gold is available in yellow, rose or white (rhodium plated) colors.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.


Pendant Heart is a protector of childhood. It is an amulet engulfing the meaning of love – if there is one thing that can be so – today this is it!
Two hearts – a little one for the daughter, and a big one that contains so much more than our eye could ever see! We are talking about a mother’s love, and the boundless miracle that is a mother’s heart. No wonder that among various ornaments in the world of this magnificent piece, rich with forms and patterns, two little birds live comfortably together.


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