Auksinis pakabukas Raidė

Gold pendant Letter


A name’s letter – an original and practical gift.
14K Gold, Hand crafted.
Dimensions: 9-10 mm.

An original and practical gift
Gold pendant Letter – created to be special. Each is made exclusively by hand, thus you can select the gold’s color(s), combine a couple or even more letters, make or combine an already owned chain, organza strip or a more male-oriented black rubber string.

In the picture – one of the letters is longer, to make them both perfectly visible, when worn together.
A subtle combination of white and rose gold.

The letter’s cozy size – about 9-10 mm. lets you fall in love with it every day, combine it with your style at home, work or festive environment or event, and not only as a pendant – it can be an amazing accentuation to embellish a bracelet!

Original, practical, a gift that is able to retain its value.

A golden letter’s price – 180 Eur. and enlightening it would be an additional 20 Eur. It goes perfectly with a gold chain, organza ribbon with a silver clasp (as pictured), or maybe even a pearl or beaded necklace? Each letter, every composition –  custom and different, let us surprise you!

Individual orders could take up to three weeks. Before ordering them it is vital to arrange your own design.

Letter pendant’s creation story.

Golden pendant Letter – the strongest, most unchanging and meaningful sign, accompanying us throughout life – our own name’s letter!

The pictured double pendant is meant for a mom, and the letters represent their kids’ initials. A mom would wear it, until her kids would be grown. As their child comes of age, the letters would be passed onto them. Can there be a better story? Mom would have kept these pendants safe for years.

And – be sure – that is what separates an artwork from a mere product: it never goes “out of fashion”, will always be recognizable between other letters or pieces of jewelry, since it has its own clear and distinctive character, a unique creator’s touch. We could never mistake the cheerful creations of Jurga Lago for any others. This is because within these works are hidden long years of experience, an ability to stand out and a healthy dash of creativity. This gives and artwork not only a price, but value!

These letters are cheerful, maybe a bit , thusly accentuating their handcrafted nature. Their design – a well thought out combination of lightness and noticeability. This is their whole concept of beauty. Their main idea – precious metals and the slim character of this piece, easily adapting to the individual ever-changing stories of every person, couple or family.