Baltų perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu

Gray Pearl Necklace with Bird Clasp


  • A subtle interpretation of the YURGA classic.
  • The clasp allows you to adjust the desired length of the pearl necklace – it can be turned forward and become an accent of jewelry, or in the Japanese tradition – to hide and fasten on the back.
  • Gray freshwater natural pearls.
  • Special burnt silver clasp (925 fineness), decorated with rose gold. Subtly different each time because it is done by hand, but while maintaining the character and overall composition of the jewelry.
  • Handmade.
  • The length of the necklace is traditionally 56cm, the size of the pearls is 9-10mm.

Elegance, value, classic & at the same time original.

If we were to not have a Gray Pearl Necklace in our YURGA e-shop today, it will take up to five weeks to manufacture. A broader, more poetic and more subtle description is given below.

Gray Pearl Necklace with Bird Clasp –

the classic interpretation of time-tested jewelry is a traditional pearl necklace that has always embodied success, elegance and perfection in many nations and countries.

Lithuania was no exception – since the time of Sigismund Augustus’ beloved Barbora Radvilaitė, her passion for jewelry and pearls has been widely known. Her own pearls, she says, were of interest to Queen Elizabeth I of England herself.

A bird landed on our version of the classic YURGA pearl necklace – so mysterious and subtle that an inattentive eye can never see it.

Part of the YURGA iconic collection Birds.