Sužadėtuvių žiedas kalinėtas su briliantais
Sužadėtuvių žiedas kalinėtas su briliantais

Hammered Gold Ring With Diamonds


  • Elegant ring with diamonds: classic and a bit of minimalism.
  • Made by hand, with the old forging technique, when forging gold hardens it like steel!
  • 18K gold decorated with 17 rhythmically arranged diamonds (0.15ct).
  • Ring width 4 mm.
  • Preliminary weight of the ring (depending on the size): ~ 3.64 g.

We probably will not have the necessary Hammered ring in our online store today, its production would take up to five weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

Rose Gold 18K
White Gold 18K
Yellow Gold 18K

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Hammered Gold Ring With Diamonds:

One of the oldest metalworking techniques is a ring that is roughly and at the same time carefully and gently hammered by hand – symbolic, meaningful, poetic and at the same time decorative. May love, happiness, and faith be as firm as hardened gold!

Handmade, so the ring will be durable, strong and tough – eternal, whatever it is to be a meaningful jewelry for the most beautiful occasion of life. Each ring is a little different, because it is impossible to make two absolutely identical and in it all its beauty. When ordering individually, you can choose the color gold: yellow, pink or white. Looks great alone, subtly blends in with other jewelry. Suitable for celebration and everyday life. An ideal choice for wedding anniversaries, beautiful celebrations in life and even engagements.

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