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Silver Pendant Dragonfly


It is carried by the wings of love!

Silver Pendant Dragonfly is created from polished melted sterling silver. Handcrafting makes each dragonfly slightly different. It can be worn on silver chain, bead necklace or, for small children – on a soft silk cord (with unsoldered ends).

Children’s jewelry has a nice and meaningful jewelry stand and envelope. This stand is meant not only for a long-lasting memory, display, but also to heighten the happiness of gifting. As always – elegant, attractive.
Stand and envelope price – 3.50 Eur.

Pendant size – 18 mm.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in our store at the moment.

Silver Pendant Dragonfly – a bearer of happiness that carries warm childish pleasures to kids on its delicate fluttering wings – sunny days, laughing friends, endless cheery games, all kinds of pleasant childish knick-knacks that later turn into beautiful memories. And, most importantly, it carries the love needed by both big and small alike! Lo and behold – we created these dragonfly wings light like infinity, that carry so MUCH happiness – light as air and endless like wide blue the sky!