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Pendant Dreamer


Pendant Dreamer: about big dreams that one beautiful day do come true….

Pendants can be a pair – a birdie observing its left, and a birdie observing its right. It’s unimportant which we would choose, we created two, since this is their story – the first creations were for a couple of sisters, who are inseparable, however they live far away from one another – across the ocean!

Can be worn on a silver or gold chain. Due to their handcrafted nature each pendant will slightly differ.

Sterling silver, gold (14K), diamond (0,01 ct). Measurements: 30 mm. – 12 mm.


To you: dreaming about the high sky, wide flight and firm wings… When THAT star brightly illuminates the sky! It’s pull is infinitely great, it’s beauty indescribable, and the fortune for the one that obtains it, must be eternal…

Maybe it will fall, and then it will be easier to catch it?
Maybe it will burn out, and the dream will pass on to another star?

But maybe You will rise up and pick it – easily and bravely, just as flying birds only can?


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