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Pendant Family 3


Pendant Family 3 – a symbol of a cozy life together, when it’s great to reside in a safe world of four. For those birdies who cherish each other and always return home.

Handcrafted from polished and flame-treated sterling silver, decorated with gold (14K).

This pendant goes wonderfully with our silken, colorful cords or chains.


Production time could take up to three weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.


Pendant Family 3 – symbolizes a safe and close family life of three birdies. The classic oval form – a subtle reference to an egg – a sign of beginning, comprehensive happiness, growth and change.

This pendant is meant for those who protect each other, who enjoy each other’s company, who create a life and home together – protectively helping each other out, carefully leaning on each other, growing and being happy together.

So that life would be as smooth and simple! Just as infinite and never-ending like the closed form of this oval pendant.

Its composition being charmingly simple, however perfectly thought out. It is, most likely, a symbolic gift, able to store as much meaning in itself, as fits in the world of a happy family…

For those birdies that cherish each other and always returning home.


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