It unlocks the doors to happiness and love!

This pendant is made of polished silver (925), it can be worn on a silver chain, silk cord, or bead necklace.

Dimensions: 12mm.

Production will take up to three weeks if the pendant is not available in the store.

Available: Available on back-order

The pendant Key to happiness is made to unlock the doors to our dreams and happiness!   Just like in childhood – walk through the door to the green, sunny childhood meadow, turn your face to the clouds and dream while listening to the jolly chatter of the birds, perhaps there is a remote brook rushing by with the sun gleaming in its waters…We would like this to be the key to gentle tranquility as well as fresh future!   We would like the time to catch the best moments and turn them into the wonderful memories, to enjoy today, to have the future call us to a fun, long journey full of adventures, happiness, and love…