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Pendant One Gram of Love


For you to grow up: like the prettiest flower and the strongest tree! So the little heart, as a little plant’s seed, watered by rain, gets showered with love. And dreams accompany you, as well as real friends. Your choices in life should be simple, yet clear, just like real love is, which you don’t need a lot of, but you sure need it ALWAYS, because that is the recipe for real happiness!

Silver (925) decorated with gold (585).

Takes up to two weeks to make, if pendant are not available in store.


Pendant One Gram of Love is like all good things in life – you do not need a lot of it, but you always need it – such is a recipe of TRUE happiness!  Although love cannot be weighed, we understand that it weighs more than we could ever measure with any tools – its power and meaning are so big that “one gram”, one drop of love contains all the words, promises and smiles in the world…


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