Pakabukas Siluetas
Pakabukas Siluetas

Pendant Silhouette


Pendant Silhouette created for a long, gentle and precious memory… Luxurious, tiny and meant for everyday.

Handcrafted gold (18K). Silhouette can be crafted from yellow or rose gold, whilst white gold would be rhodium-coated.

Goes wonderfully with a gold chain, a black strip or a beaded necklace.

Measurement: 13mm.

Production time could take up to four weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.

Pendant Silhouette reminds us that memories never lose meaning. They never become “old”, “unfashionable”, “artificial” – just the opposite – they have a tendency to become more beautiful with time. Memory preserves only the most beautiful moments, like an old black and white photograph that retains the essence – gentle features and contours, everything else is only a touch of imagination shrouding memories in sentiment and melancholy. Pendant Silhouette is reminiscent of our home, a place where we can always return, a home to our soul. A home that will wait for us when we are happy, and comfort and reassure us gently when we are sad…