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Pendant Sunrise


Pendant Sunrise: beginning or everything, subtly stylized cross.

Singular unit. Handcrafted.

Rhodium coated gold (18K) – a mixture of two of its textures – polished and matte. This technique highlights the gemstones: sapphires and diamonds. Hanged on a diamond-encrusted golden necklace (as in the picture), or a golden chain.

Size: 35 mm.


Pendant Sunrise is a cross – an old symbol loved by Celtic, Baltic and other tribes, and by everyone who picked up a pencil, a blade or any other instrument, everyone who could mark their life with a “plus”.

Christianity gave even more meaning to a cross, even though graphically it remains an easily recognizable sign of human connection to the boundless heaven and infinity. My cross “Sunrise” represents the beginning of all – it is a human, standing straight and firm, and a horizontal line of the landscape, life, sky or sea.

– Jurga Lago.


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