Pakabukas Langutis į pasaulį
Pakabukas Langutis į pasaulį
Pakabukas Langutis į pasaulį

Pendant Window to The World


Pendant Window to the World is symbolic, fit for a little one, or for a mature personality.

Can be worn with a silver or golden chain, as well as a silken or black India rubber cord.

Children’s jewelry has a nice and meaningful jewelry stand and envelope. This stand is meant not only for a long-lasting memory, display, but also to heighten the happiness of gifting. As always – elegant, attractive.
Stand and envelope price – 3.50 Eur.

Skillfully handcrafted from burned, blackened sterling silver and decorated with a little rose gold (14K) window.

Measures: 13 mm. in diameter.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this ring or your size is not available in our store at the moment.

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold

Pendant Window to The World: the world is big and beautiful, full of wonderful things that are waiting for you like your best friend! Sometimes it will laugh with you, other times it will comfort you, or surprise you and make you contemplate. Let your flight be light – go discover the world and life so big and wide, but always know that your home is always there, behind the little window. Where there will always be love. For yourself. For friends. For relatives. For the world…

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