Juodųjų perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu
Juodųjų perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu

Black Pearl Necklace with Bird Clasp


  • Classics and modernity in their most obvious form!
  • The necklace clasp can become an accent and be worn on the front (then the length of the necklace is adjustable), or according to the Japanese tradition of “quietly” hiding in the back.
  • Cultured, natural, freshwater, dark pearls.
  • Sterling silver clasp decorated with a solid 14K gold eyelet.
  • Necklace length: 55 cm;
  • Pearl size 9 – 10 mm;
  • Handmade.

A subtle interpretation of the YURGA classic.

If we were to not have the Black Pearl Necklace in our YURGA e-shop today, it will take up to four weeks to produce. A more detailed description can be found a little below.

Black Pearl Necklace with Bird Clasp:

a classic that speaks the language of today’s design – subtly combines a shimmering dark pearl necklace with a polished, rough burnt silver bird that, in fact, will be more closely resembling a traditional flower ring to the eye. It has all the beauty of a necklace, because it can be anything – very ornate and quite casual, unobtrusive as an accent of clothing, very traditional and subtly modern, just like dark pearls are today.

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