Bracelet “Small Bird”


  • Made of fine 18K gold.
  • Strung on a silk strong cord, the length of which is adjustable, so the bracelet is suitable for any wrist.
  • Gold pendant dimensions:
    Length 4 mm.
    Width 7 mm.
  • Pendant weight: ~ 0.35 g.
  • Handmade;
  • The bird pendant holds firmly, but can be easily detached – it can be turned into a pendant; also – to wear two, or even several pendants.
  • When ordering individually, the color of the bird’s gold can be chosen (white, rose or yellow gold).

The Small Bird Bracelet is delicate, exuding luxurious simplicity.

If we were to not have the desired gold bracelet in our store at the moment, it would take up to three weeks to make it. A more detailed description can be found below.

Bracelet Small Bird :

This bird’s curious and alert eye is watching this wonderful world, ready for flight, to spread its wings towards childhood dreams. Even though it’s small, it loves life and is full of cheers and happiness, as it is just about ready to fly towards its constellation of dreams! No wonder it is made of gold – to notice beauty and value daily life.

YURGA DeLuxe collection.