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Brooch Starry Bird


  • A cozy bearer of peace, flying through the dark night so that by dawn, all the flowers would have grown.
  • Each brooch is handmade with a flamed surface making each brooch somewhat different.
  • Blackened (oxidized) sterling silver, decorated with rose 14K gold – all gold details are solid gold without gilding.
  • One brooch looks great, great and with a Baby Bird.
  • Brooch length: ~ 5.5 cm.

If we were to not have a Starry Bird brooch in our online store at the moment, its production time would be up to four weeks. A broader and more poetic description can be found below.


Brooch Starry Bird

It’s like the sky full of twinkling guiding stars in the velvet night. Each star has a name and its own little world inhabited by, perhaps, a rose, or a fox or The Little Prince? A bird carries the vast sky and a comfortable soothing night, so that in the morning all flowers are fresh and grown.

Wind and freedom are basically the same. Just like stars and dreams. Just like when you stand in the middle of a field with you face turned into the wind, and you feel that it is coming from far away and it will fade momentarily, flying further than you could ever imagine… It gets beautifully tangled in your hair. You can breathe it. And the wind, no matter whether winter, spring, summer or autumn, will always smell like home. Those early childhood mornings, when we were woken up not by alarms or phones, but by the sun peeking through an opening in the curtains… Or those nights, when our dreams were lulled to sleep by the silence and dim light of the stars coming from the same childhood window.

Wind smells like happiness because it always reminds us of childhood, when we had plenty of time. When the jasmine at the end of grandmother’s fence, baby’s breath in Smiltynė and pines in Nida smelled strong… Our childhood days were three, or maybe even five time longer… Our childhood smell was always that of nature, because time flows differently in its green home – it has more of everything – more smells, more air, more stars and…more time. Only a small person can see birds. Birds are not necessary for the big people’s eyes. Big people’s dreams can be counted, solved and planned, childhood dreams are like birds, they are a crucial condition to happiness, they are the wings of happiness…

Written by Jurga Lago ©

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