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Its majesty


Everything always starts with a drawing. The idea, mood, feeling and content of a sketch, not necessarily that of a jewelry piece, are sometimes more important than the form, so it is often accompanied by a description that inspires and reveals that the value of the object is not only in its materials. Yes, yes, descriptions and meanings are part of our creations and each one is not just a fashionable, stylish accessory, but a small inspiring object that came into our world to stay – to accompany us every day as well as in the most fabulous celebrations… Our jewelry is inspired by nature, cities, and great people – they are complex, yet simple, just like life itself. Our birds are full of character – intellectual, with a subtle sense of humor and always elegant.

Tested by freedom and joy of life


Life itself – this moment – is a true adornment!



Each piece of jewelry is a small accent revealing as much about ourselves as we are willing to reveal. And sometimes more. A lot more… Sometimes small details contain the whole world – that’s why every line, every point, every symbol, every color is a note in a miniature symphony of form, which can enhance or slightly spoil it. Our jewelry is created for a subtle connoisseur with a sense of “design hearing”.

Work day


Each piece by YURGA is a fusion of sketches, ideas, materials and hand crafting. Simple forms are contrasting with complicated execution techniques. Subtle simplicity and “easy hand” are a result of thoughtful, careful, long work and creative processes.



Our birds are of a deceptively simple minimalist form, cheerful, pleasant, somewhat casual, yet intellectual, looking at the world with human eyes, possessing sense of humor and always noticeable and watching.


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