Create your own piece of jewelry!

The Herbarium collection is special in the ability it gives you to create your desired piece of jewelry. Whether it will be a creative necklace made of several “plants” and other beautiful details, or a modern and simplistic looking chain, maybe even a bracelet with a pendant – it is up to you. All the pieces from the Herbarium collection are easily hooked and connected, so you can change the place of the berries or plants at any time and rearrange the necklace yourself.

Pakabukas Ramunėlė
Pakabukas sidabrinė Avietė

How to create your piece :

Choose your pendants. Choose a silver or gold plant you like – a flower, a tree leaf or a berry. Each pendant follows its own story, has a beautiful symbolic meaning and significance. Our plants will make the best gifts!

Pick your berries. Choose a berry that suits today’s occasion, mood or style.

Select a chain or bracelet. If you choose one/two plants, it is best to hang them on a “diamond” silver chain or ribbon, but if you want to collect a larger collection of plants, we offer the Herbarium’s openwork chain, which is convenient for hanging plants.

1. Select Your Pendant :

2. Select Your Berries :

3. Select a Chain or Bracelet :

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