Protection For Small & Large Birds

To make our house in nature or the countryside nice for every living thing around, you must know that large windows are a real danger to birds! So that all of the winged singers are safe in the nature where we all have to coexist. After all, many times we had to see how our winged friends mistakenly fly into the shining window panes – thus getting injured or even killed…

There are three simple solutions to this:

The first and the simplest one is to stick a silhouette of a bird cut out of paper on your glass. In an attempt to warn the birds that there is a deceptive plane in front of them. Let the birds fly by! Here’s a couple of stylized, painted birds that you can download, print on paper and cut out and stick to your windows. For large glasses, one or two bird silhouettes may not be enough though.

The second solution is to use special, almost invisible (and, by the way, quite inexpensive) films. They come in a variety of colors – from colored to transparent, from continuous stickers to small dots. They are special in that they are invisible to the human eye, but perfectly noticeable to a bird.
Here is an example of one (dotted) film:

The third solution is to make so-called “zen curtains”. It’s very simple, but a great idea: you just need to stretch out some cords, leaving gaps. Birds will not come near your windows! Here’s what that solution looks like:

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