Gold Peach-Colored Pearl Earrings



  • Casual, stylish, but at the same time luxurious earrings.
  • Soft, peach-colored pearls.
  • Pearl diameter – approximately between 8.5 mm – 9.00 mm;
  • 14K gold.
  • We indicate the price of a single pearl earring.

Stylish, extremely delicate, but at the same time luxurious earrings.

If we do not have pearl earrings in our e-shop today, it will take about five weeks to manufacture, test and certify them.

Gold Peach-Colored Pearl Earrings:

Subtle classics – everyday companions. Earrings suitable for all occasions of life, various combinations of wardrobe. Earrings resistant to fashion and style change.

YURGA Pearl collection.