Gintaro Karoliukų Apyrankė su Raide

Baltic Amber Bracelet With A Letter


  • A wonderful gift for yourself or someone else – it is meaningful and elegant, absolutely resistant to the whims of fashion and style.  It is suitable for either man, woman, or child!
  • Carefully selected black and cognac-colored amber.
  • Baltic amber, silver, gold.


Black amber beads can be decorated with other YURGA pendant or your letter, your initial.

Production will take up to three weeks if we do not have an amber bracelet you like in our store.  Choose your letter, select design variation below, or write to us in the comments when placing your order.  For a more detailed description see the bottom of the page.


Baltic Amber Bracelet With A Letter :

Baltic amber bracelet with your Letter is not only stylish and elegant but is meaningful.  It is said that one of the semantic meanings of the Lithuanian word gintaras (amber) comes from the word ginti (to protect).  It is the most symbolic material and gift for any Lithuanian, or someone who loves Lithuania.

Carefully selected Baltic amber is an essential material and background for this bracelet, which can be complemented according to your wishes – usually by a detachable initial – your handmade letter, or, perhaps, several letters or signs.  Please note that the form and style of our playful letters and signs are an excellent complement to amber beads!  The bracelet can be made of beautiful matte black amber or traditional cognac-colored amber.  There will always be a tiny inconspicuous silver YURGA bird nesting near the clasp.

This bracelet is a part of the YURGA Baltic Amber collection.

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