Sidabrinė Grandinėlė Herbarium
Sidabrinė Grandinėlė Herbarium
Pakabukas Ramunėlė

Silver Chain “Herbarium”


  • Silver Chain Herbarium : openwork, light, rare-weaved.
  • Designed to collect a collection of plants – to hook them into one thread, the most beautiful garland of memories, which is dedicated to everyday life and celebrations.
  • You can assemble and cover the Herbarium collection yourself by choosing one of its plants.
  • Sterling silver.
  • The traditional chain length is 70 cm.

For the Herbarium collection – every flower, leaf or berry has a meaning.

If we were to not have a Herbarium chain in our online store at the moment, its production time is would take up to three weeks.


Silver Chain Herbarium :

It is primarily intended for the Herbarium collection – it is convenient to attach your selected leaves, flowers and berries. Coupling them the way you like best, changing them every day, and maybe just adding to the collection. This is how an ever-evolving, own bouquet is collected: meaningful and maybe even storing memories – collecting your own plants and a different necklace every day, depending on your mood, time of year or clothing – this is the idea of the Herbarium collection!

Part of the YURGA Herbarium collection.

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