Chocolate “Taste of Freedom”



  • An authentic and symbolic gift! A gift to ourselves – the YURGA team, because this project has become a real challenge of taste and design.
  • If freedom had a taste, we think it would be so!
  • Sweetly intelligent, refinedly simple, elegantly and subtly meaningful.
  • A real illustration of the year 2021/22…

Chocolate “Taste of Freedom”:

Wonderful creative project presented to you by us and our partners – chocolate manufacturers Naive.

A taste of chocolate we have been looking for a long time. Its ingredients are put together in a “bouquet” that will remind anyone who has experienced the soviet deficit phenomenon – freedom is sweet! The flavors are a governing combination of previously “deficient” products – bananas and oranges. It is subtly mentioned here – freedom is becoming a luxury today as well. Here the taste, as well as its design is subtly sought out – reminiscent of an authentic, old and genuine paper letter.

Ingredients: 62% (dark / milk) chocolate. Quality cocoa (from clean and sustainable farms), sugar, cocoa butter, bananas (5%), oranges (2%). There may be traces of sunflower, rye, nuts. Cocoa dry matter (62%).

Care: Store in a dry, cool place. 18° C;

Energy value (100g): 551 kCal; 2313 KJ;
Fat: 33.25g, saturated fat: 51g;
Carbohydrates: 51g; sugar: 34g;
Protein: 7.5g;
Salt: 13mg;

Manufacturer: Naive;
NET weight: 55g;

MTS Registration number: 130019884