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Custom Order: Pendant With Emerald


  • This pendant is laconic in its form, yet stuns with its beautiful emerald, which is the main accent of this composition.
  • Handcrafted, custom, and unique piece.
  • Yellow 18K gold, emerald & leather.
  • Design – Jurga Lago. YURGA jewelry


When making a one-of-a-kind, individual piece, it is important to “find” and create the one and only personal composition, to preserve the functionality, practicality, and beauty of the piece, to make it unique, encompassing not only elegance and style but being resistant to the everchanging winds of fashion.  It is important to find your personal symbolism, to select the materials, choose the design, agree on the price and delivery date.  Please see below for a more detailed description of the pendant. All the details of the order can be coordinated via email where you will meet our designer Jurga Lago.  Write to us at  or connect with us via live chat below.

Custom Order: Pendant With Emerald –

Created for a man, however, both a man and a woman will be wearing it in this family.  The pendant is noticeable and prominent as such an exceptional emerald will always draw attention, however, this pendant was designed to brighten ordinary days.  This is why the shape is laconic, constructive, dictated by the stone to enhance its cutting.  A subtle combination of yellow gold and bright green emerald is contrasting with the carefully selected black, woven high quality leather.  Each detail, line, point, and dimension are carefully thought through, coordinated – this is the reason the pendant looks like all YURGA pieces – unusually simple.

Minimalist luxury.  Subtle and symmetrical initial is the axis of this composition.


Yellow matte and polished gold (18K), emerald.

Design and composition: Jurga Lago.
Performance: YURGA Jewelry House.

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