Aukso vėrinys su briliantais Queen
Aukso ir briliantų vėrinys Queen, YURGA
Aukso ir briliantų vėrinys Queen

Diamond & Gold Necklace “Queen”



  • Extraordinary, elegant and luxurious composition, which at the same time is able to remain laconic, stylish and even everyday. A subtle composition of three lilies.
  • A unique handmade piece.
  • 18K gold plated with rhodium.

A design that has its own face, value and quality.

It is an authentic and unique work, so it would not be possible to make a second identical piece – every single one will be a little different – which gives it beauty. A more detailed description of the gold necklace Queen can be found below.

Diamond & Gold Necklace Queen :

original, luxurious though not boring classics. It’s a piece that fits the “classics” category but not hiding underneath it – retaining its own character, standing out of other traditional “classically” named pieces of jewelry, these are often of high quality, but lacking in creativity and a real designer’s touch. Diamond and gold necklace Queen shines in a playfulness characteristic of Jurga Lago, which contrasts (and therefore accentuates even further) the opulent materials of this necklace.

Queen‘s main compositional symbol and accent – three lilies. Of course, this flower wasn’t chosen without reason – a lily is also called the queen of blooming flowers – its appearance reminds of a scepter, its beauty is enchanting thus ever since olden times it is associated with power, prosperity and curiously – forgiveness. This stylized is a royal sign in heraldry, art and literature. A white lily symbolizes innocence, chastity and in christianity it is always associated with the Virgin Mary. It is said that the white lily is the oldest species of lilies in the world.

Created by YURGA, this handcrafted diamond and gold necklace is embellished with three lily blossoms – a symbolic reference to trinity and its protection in various symbols throughout the world.

18K rhodium-coated white gold with diamonds.

Unique design, singular piece. Handcrafted. Designer – Jurga Lago.

Part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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