The hand-hammered gold ring is adorned with diamonds on a diamond ring

Ring with Diamonds “Flowering Light”

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  • Luxury and subtlety: wonderful, natural, eternal bloom.
  • The main accent is a 1ct diamond.
  • The ring is decorated and inlaid with smaller diamonds (0.12 ct);
  • White 18K gold;
  • The gold surface of the ring is coated with rhodium.
  • The delicate texture of the handmade ring is emphasized.
  • Four diamond-bearing petals inlaid with diamonds.
  • Luxury and reclaimed, elegant ‘roughness’ are the design codes for this ring. To make it resistant to changes in time and fashion. To be discreetly contrasting.

Elegance & simplicity together, elegance and subtle minimalism. Handmade and unique design.

If we were to not have the ring Flowering Light in our YURGA store today, its production, certification and hallmarking will take about a month. The ring is absolutely handmade, so it will be a little different each time – special and individual. When ordering, you can choose the gold color, size and diamond (changing the size of the diamond would change the price of the ring).

Ring with Diamonds Flowering Light :

Luxury and subtlety, exclusivity and restraint in one composition.

The ring is inspired by nature and symbolizes the bud. As if in reality, radiance in the eyes creates the illusion of life and spread. His idea is an eternal, indelible, inexhaustible flowering. A symbol of maturity, fullness, certainty. And at the same time – the fire of health, survival and eternal growth. The flower blossom is more archetypal, not a reproduction of a specific plant. Its four petals are also inlaid with diamonds.

The texture of the ring itself is a geometric, stylized repetition of the most beautiful and main accent – a beautiful diamond. Its grinding. The gold part of the ring evokes the texture with a faceted diamond.

Shine, purity and growth are intertwined here in one thought – the most beautiful flower blossom grown by light, warmth and love.

If you want to know more about diamonds and other precious stones, we invite you to visit the YURGA blog.

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