Dvigubi auskarai Essence

Double earrings “Essence”

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  • Subtle but noticeable, “eye-catching” earrings.
  • Hard, hardened silver handcuffed. Archaic, luxurious and skillful technique.
  • Emphasis on handwork!
  • Bird-shaped “hand-cutting” is also deliberately emphasized – they are not stamped or cast, each cut with a small saw made of polished gold plate.
  • The captive light sterling silver goes hand in hand with the golden birds (15K ) crouching in circles, which are solid, massive, contrasting rose gold – no imitation gilding!
  • Essence resistant to fashion and style change.
  • Dimensions: the upper part of the earring is 20 mm. in diameter, and the lower part of the earring is 15 mm. in diameter.
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Handmade triumph. Elegant, delicate composition and cozy story.

If we were to not have a pair of Essence piercings in the YURGA online store, their production and certification time will take up to four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

Double Earrings Essence –

it is a collection of jewelry created to perpetuate the essence of our life, values. Not always what is visible is most important, but in life the whole consists of tiny and very important details. And in the world of perfumery, the essence is the most important aromatic part used to help reveal the smell when it merges with the skin. Everything is similar in human life, when the whole being is a harmony that consists of the right choices, events, dear people, meaningful things. Double Earrings Essence is a strong aroma of memories that unexpectedly brings you back to the most memorable events, or an experience when you find the meaning of life in memories or the meeting with yourself becomes the key to success.

Part of the iconic YURGA Birds Collection.

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