Sidabro Auskarai Bolla

Silver Earrings “Bolla”


  • Two silver bubbles of the same shape and size, or two asymmetrical ones, go well together!
  • Fits most YURGA jewelry.
  • Sold one by one – complete with a pair of desired sizes.
  • Sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm;
  • Polished sterling silver.

Perfect for all YURGA jewelry.

If we were to not have the Bolla earrings of your choice in our online store at the moment, the production time would take up to three weeks.


Silver Earrings Bolla :

also called silver bubbles, they look great being either of the same shape and size or asymmetrical! Work great as complements for a lot of YURGA jewelry pieces.

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