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Earrings “Chamomiles”


  • Cute and charming, like the flower of the fields itself, blooming in colorful summer meadows.
  • Openwork, visually easy.
  • Made of polished sterling silver, decorated with solid 14K gold bubbles – no gilding, only real gold.
  • Dimensions: S size chamomile – 8mm, M size chamomile – 12mm.
  • Different sizes of earrings can be combined.
  • The indicated price is for a single earring.

Handmade and solid gold bubbles.

If we don’t have Chamomile Piercings in our online store today, production will take up to two weeks. A broader and more poetic description is given below.


Earrings Chamomiles:

an unspoiled outdoor flower growing in brightly colored summer meadows. When the sun strikes, it blooms and its ring is magical – determining the spell: to-love-or-not-to-love. We know!

Coming from the most secret innocent dreams, colored childhood drawings in school notebooks, she subtly remains – a chamomile – how childish, how naive, but not mistaken – all her powers lie within!

Part of the YURGA Flores collection.

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