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Earrings “Couple & Competitor”

SKU: 01120003


  • Now classic, cultic, asymmetric & original!
  • Absolutely handmade, therefore each pair is unique, different, irrepealable.
  • Fire treated and oxidized sterling silver surface – a very specific YURGA’s liked technique. Polished rose gold (14K) birdies.
  • The gold – massive & solid – no gilding!
  • Measurements:
    Bigger earring – 18 mm.
    Smaller earring – 12 mm.
  • A great investment, since this pair of earrings is not only resistant to time, but also subtle pieces of applied art.
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Artistic, time-attested, handmade, absolutely exceptional Jurga Lago’s creations.

If we were to not have the asymmetric Couple & Competitor earrings in our online store, their production and hallmarking time would take up to four weeks. A further description of this piece can be found below.

Earrings Couple and Competitor –

Our classic. Asymmetric, handmade, artistic and original! Subtly and humorously telling a story of life, liaison, understanding, friendship and love! When the time to talk and laugh comes, when we finally meet!

Earrings Couple and Competitor is part of YURGA jewelry collection, which is already time-attested – more alike illustrations, alike graphics or story-telling pictures, than “fashionable” short-lived jewelry. The first variation and pair was created in 2005 – a great example of applied arts.

Part of the YURGA Birds collection.

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