Auskarai Mind the Sky
Asimetriški sidabriniai auskarai Mind the sky
Earrings Mind the Sky, handmade silver and gold
Earrings Mind the Sky, handmade silver and gold
Mind the Sky Earrings handmade

Large Earrings “Mind the Sky!”

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  • The amazing and meaningful history of these piercings, the impressive asymmetrical campus of them. This pair of piercings is more of an artistic illustration of the story than an accessory. Polished and glossy surfaces contrast with burnt and coarse silver.
  • Handmade – Every couple is different.
  • Performed with a special, delicate technique of flaming silver.
  • Asymmetry;
  • Sterling silver, gold and blue topazes.
  • Gold stars – solid 14K gold (no gilding).
  • Diameter: 30 mm.
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Coming into the world for a long time – they are a work of applied art – will never react to a change in fashion or style.

If we were to not have these piercings in our store today, their production and certification would take three weeks. A borader Mind the sky! description can be found below.

Earrings Mind the Sky! :

(Don’t forget the sky): Impressive and artistic.

Cozy Mind the Sky! “drawing-looking” and irregularity of form – a conscious choice of designer Jurga Lago to emphasize the handiwork and sincerity of the childish stylistic drawing. A story about the importance of our daily work, love, care and “planting flowers”, never forgetting wishes, heaven and faith! This is how our dreams are invited from heaven to earth!

Mind the sky! is to create YURGA ‘s very favorite and characteristic silver processing technique – by touching the surface with fire, decorating it with rose gold stars and blue topazes. Each gold star is solid. Earrings – luxurious and visible, but at the same time suitable for everyday life. Because they are made by hand, every pair of piercings will be a little different – that’s all their beauty! The stones can be selected as well as the number of stars in the sky. 🙂 If the details change, write comments to us when filling the order, we will agree on the price.

The diameter of the piercings is about 30 mm. and the diameter of the topazes is about 5 mm.

A smaller version is here: Asymmetric Earrings Mind The Sky!

Mind the Sky! is part of YURGA’s most distinctive, stunning Birds Collection.

Created in 2019 in Vilnius, having come into the world for a long time – they will be a work of art – will never react to a change in fashion or style, will stand the test of time and will remain relevant over the years. On July 23, 2020 Mind the sky! earrings adorned Mrs. Diana Nausėdienė (in Kaunas Archdiocese, during the ingress ceremony of Kęstutis Kėvalas).

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