Family Amulet for Three Beautiful Generations


  • A custom, unique and original piece of jewelry created for children by the order of grandparents.
  • Designed for a beautiful everyday life.
  • Full of family symbolism, which is restrained and invisible to a foreign eye.
  • Sophistication … lies behind the abundance of ornaments – that’s the idea.
  • The amulet is made of two gold parts – white and pink. It opens and two small symbolic amulets for grandchildren are stored inside.
  • 18K gold & diamond.
  • Special hand-sewn silk ribbon.

Full of meanings – a timeless custodian of family symbols.

A more detailed description is below. The work was created in half a year, its birthday was July 2021.

Family Amulet for Three Beautiful Generations:

Inspired by an antique openwork pocket family watch, which has glowing and legible grandparents’ initials on one side and ornamental and out-of-sight blindly closed on the other side, the daughter’s family marks cannot be easily read.

The amulet opens. Inside it are two small, stylised amulets for grandchildren.
An arabesque-like composition with a tendency to Art Nouveau sophistication was not created in vain – there are reasons for this that are not necessary to know for everyone.

But the idea is this: the amulet must resemble an intertwined, weaved, ornately intricate embellishment. Order from disorder. Simplicity from sophistication. Everyday luxury.
Like a ball of thread, like twisted threads, like the untangled and unbroken bond of blood and love of generations.
For a family that is unconditionally and absolutely together, protects, cherishes, spares.

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