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Gold Earrings “Lakes”


  • Polished, laconic and at the same time ornate, reminiscent of lakes warming in the sun.
  • Very meaningful and symbolic! A great, Lithuanian gift.
  • 14K Gold;
  • When ordering individually, the color gold can be chosen: yellow (in the photo), pink or white (covered with rhodium).
  • Dimensions approximately: 6×7 mm and 6×5 mm.
  • Since the earrings are absolutely handmade, the shapes will be slightly different each time. Every lake is different than in nature, because ours are handmade and the irregular form that “catches” the eye is their uniqueness, their beauty, their essence.
  • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

Originality and minimalist elegance.

If we were to not have a pair or your desired gold earrings Lakes at the moment in our e-shop, it will take up to two weeks to produce and certify them. A further description can be found below.

Rose Gold 14K
White Gold 14K
Yellow Gold 14K

Gold earrings Lakes:

simple, but just like it always is with “simple things” – they are deceptive, reflecting one of Lithuania’s most unique features – it has 2,830 lakes! These mirrors of the sky cover over 880 km²! And, there are more – 3,100 smaller natural lakes…

What can be more worthy of becoming a symbol of our country, our land and our home, than tiny lakes reflecting the golden sun?

Part of the YURGA DeLuxe collection.

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