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Gold Earrings with Rubies “Sakura”


  • Elegant, but at the same time everyday, minimalist and versatile.
  • The price of one single earring is indicated.
  • You can choose two identical earrings, or a pair made of asymmetrical Sakuras.
  • White 18K gold.
  • The surface is covered with rhodium.
  • Each earring is handmade.
  • Handmade clasps.
  • Choose one earring: two identical pairs, or two different earrings.
  • Red rubies.

Elegant and subtle for everyday use. When design is as important and valuable as jewelry materials.

If we didn’t have the Sakura earrings in our YURGA online store today, it would take up to four weeks to craft them. Because the earrings are handmade, each time each earring is barely, slightly different, as differences contain all their beauty.


Gold Earrings with Rubies Sakura:

Create to be a true community of simplicity and at the same time recovered, subtle design. Inspired by natural shapes, adapted to everyday and at the same time demanding minimalism, Sakura earrings bloom not only with red rubies, but also with shape.

Two different, asymmetrical earrings will look best – this is the main idea. Create a composition for yourself: one long earring, the other shorter. Or a long and elegantly curved Sakura in one ear, with a small ruby ring in the other forming an overall composition.

Each Sakura has its own little bird.

If you want to know more about gems, we invite you to visit our blog.

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