Pendant “Golden Birdie”


  • The bird is designed to please the eye and the heart!
  • Polished 18K gold.
  • When ordering individually, the color of gold can be chosen: pink, yellow, or white (the surface of the white bird is covered with rhodium).
  • In the bird’s eye there is a black diamond (0.01 ct).
  • The gold pendant will fit on a silk cord, ribbon, or gold chain.
  • Dimensions: 5 mm. x 10 mm.
  • Weight: ~ 0.60g.
  • Handmade.

Elegant, stylish and at the same time, of course, casual.

If we were to not have this pendant in our online store at the moment, it will take up to five weeks to manufacture, test and certify it. A slightly broader description of the pendant is found below.

Rose Gold 18K
White Gold 18K
Yellow Gold 18K

Pendant Golden Bird :

small and cheerful, fond of dizzying heights and beautiful hymns, designed to please the eye and the heart.

YURGA is the most symbolic piece of jewelry. A sign of freedom and joy of life. Jewelry suitable for both child and adult. Stylish, fun, elegant and solid.

Part of the iconic YURGA Birds collection.

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