Pakabukas Širdis
Pakabukas Širdis
Pakabukas Širdis

Pendant “Gold Heart”


  • The truest reward for … Love.
  • A special handmade piece designed to be a symbol of luxurious simplicity by YURGA jewelry.
  • Handmade white and rose 18K gold & ruby (1.1 ct);
  • Weight: ~ 16.41 g;

Individual, one-of-a-kind, handmade work;

A more detailed poetic description can be found below.

Pendant Gold Heart :

…”Nobody followed the rule “don’t kick a man when he is down” in this war. It seems I barely survived. I don’t sleep. I don’t eat. I cannot open my eyes in the morning because my eyes are afraid of the light. I should go on sick leave – I cannot see the road when I am driving, I cannot focus on reading anything at work, I cannot remember anything and do not know what day is today. I knew this would happen… Everything has expiration date. Only it is four years, not three… Isn’t there some medicine? It would be a very good business, really. Meanwhile, I am drinking red wine. Lots of red Malbec. Sometimes too much, hoping, maybe it will go away? But no… the morning comes, and then the evening again, and yet again I am raising my glass to the losers! To those beaten in the war of love! To those who are licking their wounds and cling on to life with their last strength like wounded dogs. To those who lost their strength! They will never get any medals – they are not worthy of reward. Their biggest reward is the healing of time…

Is it better to never encounter the big love?

Is it better to live peacefully and not be afraid to lose?

But then you will always be searching… The truth is, everyone knows that the most addictive drug in the world is LOVE and all of us are hopelessly dependent on it. We are searching for our fix until the last breath – and there is no prevention, no replacement, no vaccines or harness to curb that boundless animalistic hunger… for LOVE” …

Text by Jurga Lago©.  Written for presentation of Love ConDecorations (Love Awards) collection specially for this piece.
Model – R. Mikailionytė.
Photographer – L. Masiokas.