Auksinė širdis, Votas
Auksinė širdis, Votas

Golden Votive Heart


  • One-of-a-kind, custom, unique creation for a family of devoted Christians, not subject to reproduction.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Gold and diamonds.
  • Design – Jurga Lago, YURGA jewelry house.

This Gold votive heart is not meant to decorate, it is meant to protect, witness, and be thankful.  The handwork and execution technique emphasizes and adapts to the old Christian tradition

Golden Votive Heart

Created by hand adapting antique forging technique using a small, special round hammer.  Today this technique is rarely used on gold, although this particular contrasting, rough texture best reflects its character – luster, deep rose color, enhanced polishing, and due to this execution technique gold surface becomes particularly tempered.

The symmetrical composition of the piece is dictated by the traditional and geometrical shape of the cross – stern and lacy, which is particularly emphasized by a gentle yet solid heart.

A heart is full of rich meaning and significance rising from the oldest known signs and writings.

The crown in this composition also acquires religious undertones.  It is worth mentioning that one of the essential meanings of the heart symbolism in Christianity is The Holy Trinity.  A complete description of this piece is meant for its owners.

The Rose color of the gold is chosen to enhance the precious stones.

A unique, handcrafted piece of jewelry created for the family.

Gratitude from the devoted to the Mother of Mercy for her blessings and love.

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