Golden Pearl Earrings


  • Elegant, casual and at the same time luxurious earrings.
  • Cultured white natural pearls.
  • 14K solid gold;
  • The size of the “M” gold earring’s pearl is 8.5 mm – 9 mm;
  • The “S” size’s pearl measures about: 6.5 mm – 7 mm;
  • You can choose a smaller or larger pair of earrings. You can also choose an asymmetrical pair, one gem is smaller than the other because:
  • We specify the price of a single pearl earring.

Cozy, luxurious and versatile earrings.

If we did not have pearls in our YURGA e-shop today, it would take about four weeks to produce and certify them.


Golden Pearl Earrings:

Designed to be a companion for everyday life, to fit into all occasions of life and at the same time to remain an always relevant, elegant classic.

Part of the YURGA Pearls collection.

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