Handmade pendant Letter


Silver pendant Letter is handcrafted for everyday life: cozy, of a sleek form and as suitable with jeans, as it is with a dress. Its subtle design is truly unique – will look beautifully on a woman, a man, or even a child.

Due to its hand made nature, all letters will be slightly differing.

Dimensions: about 9 – 10 mm.

The silver letter is embellished with solid, contrasting rose gold (14K) bubbles.

The pendant goes wonderfully with a gold or silver chain, silken strip or our original colored bead necklaces. Letters can also be combined, which looks great. They can also be worn on a bracelet, and combined with YURGA necklaces “Bouquet”.

Wanting to order a golden letter, its price would be 180 Eur (14K, their color can be selected – white, yellow or rose). Each order is individual, made by hand. We can create composition with one, a couple or several  letters!

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.


Silver pendant Letter: the whole alphabet, in which you can find your beloved one’s first letter of the name, or of your family or friends’ initials.

Letters are the most interesting symbols, and initials – always accompanying our lives. That’s why our little letters are meant for  both: everyday and festivities as well. With a cheerful “character”, yet solid from their hand crafted nature. These letters retain a serious, recognizable and symmetrical forms, but also cheekily glow with their golden little “shoes”. Each pendant has a unique familiarity, yet it retains YURGA’s usual reassuring happiness, which always contrasts with the premium materials used, giving this piece the traits not of a product – but of a small piece of art.

Each letter is different, just as our names. It hides many meanings and is a great personal symbol,  to always guide us through our lives.

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